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Polyamide conduits and accesories

Polyamide flexible conduits, connectors, and cable holders

Polyamide flexible conduits and fittings are protection and connection elements used in cabling systems. Its main function is to protect the cables from heat, moisture, chemical agents and UV rays, thus ensuring the optimum functioning of the system.

The conduits and fittings are made of Polyamide 6, 12 or other thermoplastic elastomers, depending on the application of the system. These products are known for their high performance. They are flame retardant, water repellent, chemically resistant and protection from UV rays. They are also lightweight, highly flexible and easy to handle.

Features of Fleximat flexible conduits and connectors

  • Design and prestige: Fast assembly system. Simple, it requires no more tools than scissors. It is mounted with a single movement. Slippery conduit interior that facilitates the wiring. Always in one piece. Robust. Protection against abrasion. Watertight and gas-tight. Suitable for aggressive environments. Increased operational safety. Recyclable. Added technological value.
  • Fleximat System is the revolution in electrical assembly: It’s over with the duct tape and traditional cable protection system!
  • Repair cost for the electrical installation of any machine, appliance or vehicle is enormous. For example, in the case of a short circuit, the installation must be completely redone. With our Fleximat System, this is avoided, all hazardous areas are protected.

All our polyamide tubes and fittings, along with accessories, meet the highest international quality standards: UL ( Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), TÜV Bayern Sachsen, certification according to the French standard NF-R, CE (European Conformity), Swiss standards No.90:MO4, Lloyds Register, RoHS ( Restriction Of Hazardous Substances), GOST-R (Russian Standard Certification), DB Din 5510.

Application fields for our flexible conduits and connectors

Our polyamide pipes and fittings FLEXIMAT SYSTEM and their accessories are used in the following sectors: Automotive, Railway, Aviation, Nautical, Machinery, Electrical equipment, lighting, engineering, robotics, telecommunications, chemical industry, automation, renewable energy, etc.

This whole connection system has an excellent value for money, providing the best solutions to the market.