Armado AG Cable Glands


Sealing gasket POS / Silicone
O-ring NBR/EPDM/Silicone
Thread Type PG (DIN 40430)
Tightness IP68
Continuous working temperature -40 ºC +105 ºC


Ventilation system: Acrylic Co-Polymer on a nylon support (hydrophobic-oleophobic).

Equalization of the internal and external pressure of the system. Great ventilation flow.

Prevents corrosion and water condensation inside the device. Double function: Stuffing box/ventilation element. Extends the life of the product where it is applied.

Resistance to: UV, Anti-pull, Chemical products, Anti-vibration. Easy assembly and Halogen free.

Applications: Lighting equipment, solar panels, electronic equipment, automation, automotive and railway industry

Product description

Ventilation or anti-condensation glands are used to protect equipment from oxidation and breakage that may occur due to temperature changes.

Vent glands use a polymer valve to allow proper airflow and equalize pressure.

These anti-condensation cable glands are usually used in equipment that works outdoors. We recommend them for all types of applications, especially the lighting sector.

Thread main code Paslanmaz kod Hmm GL mm Anahtar ağzı mm assembly çapı mm sıkma çapı mm
M12 x 1.5 OMBVGL01 OMSVGL01 31,5 6 17 12,3 4-8
M12 x1.5 OMBVGL01L OMSVGL01L 31,5 8 17 12,3 4-8
M16 x1.5 OMBVGL02R OMSVGL02R 31,5 6 17 16,3 4-8
M16 x1.5 OMBVGL02RL OMSVGL02RL 31,5 8 17 16,3 4-8
M16 x1.5 OMBVGL02 OMSVGL02 31,5 6 20 16,3 5-10
M16 x1.5 OMBVGL02L OMSVGL02L 31,5 8 20 16,3 5-10
M20x1.5 OMBVGL03 OMSVGL03 35 8 22 20,3 6-12



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